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KrosQuanT SARS-COV-2 (2019 nCOV) Real Time PCR Diagnostic Kit


CoV 2019, the genetic material of which is a single-stranded RNA and a member of the corona family, is a pathogen with a strong pandemic effect, defined in November 2019. CoV 2019 whose genome sequence has already been released (Genbank acc. MN908947) contains close similarity to the genome sequence of SARS virus.


Diagnosis of CoV 2019 virus has been made by the way of using The Real Time PCR method. In this method, it is recommended to diagnose gene regions identified by the World Health Organization (WHO), China – Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China-CDC), United States of America – Center for Disease Control and Prevention (USA-CDC) and Germany –  Charite Institute of Virology.

“KrosQuanT SARS-COV-2 (2019 nCOV) Real Time PCR Diagnostic Kit”

The KrosQuanT SARS-COV-2 (2019 nCOV) Real Time PCR Diagnosis Kit investigates N1, N2 gene regions on the N gene identified by WHO and USA-CDC. For the internal control of the diagnosis kit, RNAse P (RP) mRNA was selected as being at mRNA level in humans. The kit that is receiving FAM wavelengths works with three tubes in total. The kit also includes positive control and negative control mechanisms. Operation time of the Real-Time PCR takes about 90 minutes whereas the RNA isolation step is mandatory before operation of the kit.
Tiagnosis Method
Analysis Method Quantification
Gene Regions and Fluorescents N1 (FAM), N2 (FAM), RP (FAM)
Test Tubes and Content 1st Tube: N1
2nd Tube: N2
3rd Tube: RP
Reaction Volume 20 ul
Number of Tests 100 samples
Reaction Time Approximately 90 minutes
  1. Mix-1
  2. Mix-2
  3. Mix-3
  4. “nCOV-2019 Positive Control”
  5. “Negative Control”
  • Real Time PCR Device
    • Compatible devices:
      • LightCycler 480
      • LightCycler 96
      • LightCycler Nano
      • Rotor Gene Q
      • Mic Realtime PCR
      • CFX Connect
      • CFX96
  • Viral RNA isolation (it should be applied with kit or manually)
  • Vortex
  • Centrifuge
  • Sterile Pipette Tips
  • Pipettes (0.5-10 ul pipette; 10-100 ul pipette)
  • Cold Rack
The kit can be stored at -20 ° C and without any light until the expiration date.

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